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India is advanced in creating latest technologies and making new inventions and discoveries. India stands in a leading position for technical development and with genius personalities. So many inventions and discoveries are formed by Indian scientists and Inventors. These include in every area of application and research such as mathematics, science, and medical etcetera.

One of the Indian inventions is the carbon pigment that is used to make Ink. It is produced by burning bones, tar, pitch and other substances. An invention of Cresco graph was done for measuring growth in plants. High quality Crucible steel was produced in southern India with high-purity wrought iron, charcoal and glass.

Indian clubs were started in British ruling to perform exercises and keep in for physical conditioning. The famous sport Kabaddi was originated in India which is modern form of wrestling exercises, military drills, and self-defense. The Ludo game was played by Mughal emperors of India.

The Muslin fabric is originated from Dhaka which was named after the city of European country. Rulers were made by the Indus Valley Civilization which is marked out in decimal subdivisions with amazing accuracy. The Stupa was started as the commemorative monument associated with storing sacred relics. Suits game was made of painted rags, paper playing cards in India only.

Great Indian Inventions & discoveries include Cotton Cultivation with well developed in the methods using cotton spinning and fabrication. Sugarcane was originated in India and Sugar refinement, which is the process of producing sugar crystals. Algebraic abbreviations were discovered for multiple unknowns occurring in one complex problem. Basu’s theorem was discovered to state any complete sufficient statistic.

Hindu number system which includes decimal place value and symbol of zero was discovered in India. Pascal’s triangle, Pell’s equation, and Sign conventions are discovered by great Indian researchers. According to medicine, Ayurvedic treatment, Cataract Surgery, Leprosy cure, Plastic Surgery, and many more were discovered in India.

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