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Invention of Button

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History of Button

One of the very early inventions in the country, buttons were mainly used for ornamental purposes in the year 2000 BCE during the Indus Valley Civilization. Composed of seashells, the buttons were made into different shapes and sizes, demonstrating a variety of geometrical forms, in which here would often be small holes to pave way for a thread that would further adorn different clothing and outfits.

During that era, buttons were used more for ornamental purposes more rather than fastening or closing clothes purposes. However, gradually it became extremely popular and by the 14th century, it became famous in most of the European countries and started becoming a common feature in every garment and clothing lines for both men and women.

As on today, buttons are composed of a variety of substances like wood, metals, plastic as well as its original raw material—seashell. Various techniques like embroidery, lithography, metalizing and metal openwork are used for the process of button making.

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