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Nobody is oblivious to the fact that India is a diversified country, not just in matters of religion and color, but also traditions, cultures, beliefs and values. Enriched with strong principles and warmth in the hearts, the country has come a long way from being under the clutches of foreign rulers to fighting for freedom and now at a stage where it has managed to be not just an independent country, but also flourished and be a leading entity in the global arena, in fields of science, astronomy, research, trading, education and politics. aims at giving the readers an overview of India, its cultures, languages, facts, history and every other significant detail.

From how was the country decades ago to what it is now, and what led it to become what it today, are some of the queries you will have answered once you browse through the variety of topics listed on the website.

The topics range from freedom fighters to festivals to languages to politics to award winners. If knowing about the minute details of the country in a vivid manner is what you are looking for, will surely be your pocket guide and help you win any trivia on the country,

Yugam (Founder)

A multifaceted Indian information technology professional, Yugam is an expert in Bing, Google Adwords & Analytics Certified professional in latest digital technologies. He is a successful technologist by profession and matured human by his intellectual emanation. Yugam is identified by his professional achievements and intellectual endeavors towards the people.

“After seeing and travelling to every part of India, an idea struck my mind, making me think what if I made a site through which I could share every facts of India like its culture, languages, dances, rivers, inventions, authors, animals, travel destinations, fairs and festivals, famous personalities, history, monuments and many more. That gave me the kick to start this venture and I hope through this portal, I’m able to reach out to the global audience not as an individual but as a country.”