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Invention of Shampoo

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About Invention of Shampoo

Although the word “shampoo” is an English word, many might be unaware that it was derived from the Indian word “champo” in the year 1762. The origination of shampoo mainly took place during the reign of the Mughals in India, especially in the eastern regions of the country, where the Nawab of Bengal resided, and would often use the solution for head massages. The shampoo would be composed of alkalis and a mixture of oils and fragrances.

From India, it was introduced to the country of Britain by a Bengali entrepreneur who hailed from the Indian state of Bihar and was named Sake Dean Mahomed. The first time he made people there aware of the shampoo was during the early 19th century when while working there, he mixed it in the vapor baths of Basil Cochrane. Soon after, Mahomad along with his wife, who was of Irish descent, opened their own medicated bath line named “Mahomed’s Steam and Vapor Sea Water Medicated Baths” in the town of Brighton, situated in England.

He was soon appointed as the “Shampooing Surgeon” of royal personalities like George IV and William IV, after his “champi” sessions, which means shampooing and massaging became famous with all his other clients.

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