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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy for the website monitors and governs the ways by which Bharat Stories assembles, utilizes and puts up information from all users. This privacy policy encompasses Bharat Stories’s site, its products as well as services.

Personal identification information

Bharat Stories holds the ability to collect personal identification information from its users in a number of ways which can by either by newsletters, users visiting, or through other services, products and resources which are available on the site. Users may be asked for their email addresses, but it is completely to the users’ discretion to provide their email ids or stay anonymous and browse the site anonymously.

Bharat Stories stores personal identification information only from those users who voluntarily want to provide their identifications.

Non personal identification information

Bharat Stories holds the rights to store non personal identification information from the users. It has nothing to do with their email ids or anything personal in general, but covers aspects like ISPs, the name of the browsers they use to visit the site, the operating systems they use, etc.

Web browser cookies

Bharat Stories may use users’ web browser cookies to enhance the overall functionality of the website.

Use of collected information

Indian GK may assemble the information collected from the users and use it for:

  • Improving the site
  • This can be through feedbacks that you provide for various products, information and services.
  • For sending scheduled emails

We may use the email ids provided by the users to communicate with them, be it for answers to their queries, requests or any other important piece of information.

Protecting your personal information

Indian-GK doesn’t sell, trade or rent any of its users’ personal information and although non-personal information such as browser and operating system type can be shared for data analysis or statistical study, the private data exchange between users and the website takes place over an SSL secured communication channel and is thus, encrypted and protected with digital signatures.

Your acceptance of the policy

By accessing this site, you also agree and accept to the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy of Bharat Stories. If by any means, you do not agree with this policy, you are requested to stop using the site.

Contacting us

If you have any queries relating to the privacy policy of our website, you are free to send us your query through mail at- admin [at]