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Invention of Palampore

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About Palampore

Another significant innovative invention in India, Palampore is mainly a hand-made, and hand-designed sheet which is mordant dyed and is often used as bed covers, and first originated in the 18th century in India, and soon went on to become famous and be a part of the export market, wherein it was exported to other countries in the late 18th century and the early 19th century.

Few of the first countries where the fabric was exported were Indonesia, Dutch and Europe, and only the upper class society people could afford Palampore due to its costly price and rare designs. Hence, the remaining pieces of work from that era as on today are quite valuable when it comes to its antique aspects.

During the early times, a technique called “kalamkari” was used by the artists, in which they would use a pen to draw designs on cotton and linen fabrics. The pen would contain mordant and hence this way the fabric used to be dyed. It used to be a tedious process which needed the technique to be repeated for each and every design.

Hence, the complex technique illustrates the expensive prices of Palampore.

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