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Invention of Ludo

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About Ludo

Ludo is a very popular board game that originated in India and went on to become renowned not just in generations of kids but also among adults. It involves a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players where the players have to play with their four tokens and make it from the starting point to the finish point, with all of the four tokens, based on numbers deriving from the dice.

It mainly derived from the traditional Indian board game of Pachisi, which was invented in around the early 6th century but was later modified to be much simpler for the players to understand and play it. It was also played in the Mughal era by Mughal emperors like Akbar.

The board game is not just popular in India, but has over the years become quite common and popular in other international countries as well where it is known by various other names.

For instance, in North America, it is known as “Parcheesi,” and in also sold under brand names such as, Aggravation, Trouble and Sorry! In European countries like Germany, it is known as “Mensch Argere Dich Nicht,” which when translated into English, means “Man! Don’t get irritated!” In countries like Russia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia, it is sold by the name “Chinczy.”


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