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History of Jute Cultivation

Jute has always been an important and pivotal part of the Indian textile industry and since ancient days, India has nurtured the cultivation of jute in its lands. Initially, raw jute was exported from India to the different western countries, and it is from there that it was used to make accessories like cordage as well as ropes to serve various purposes.

During the rule of the British in India, the Indian Jute industry saw many changes, which also includes its modernization during that time in the hands of the British government. Earlier, the main center for the cultivation of jute was Bengalwas, a place located in the state of Bengal in India.

However, right after the modernization of the jute industry, the British government shifted the main center and made Kolkata (then Calcutta) the new center for the cultivation in the year 1855.

As of today, jute is used for not just making ropes and other accessories but also for bags, purses, sacs, etc.

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