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Invention of Ruler

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About Invention of Ruler

Rulers, which consist of measuring units, inches, and centimeters, were first derived in the Indus Valley Civilization, in parts of the country of India, which as on present-day falls in the region of the neighboring country of Pakistan.

This discovery dates back to the era as early as 1500 BCE, wherein the rulers with subdivisions of decimals were invented in the country and were initially used in the Southern states of India in various forms of their magnificent architecture in ancient days.

The bricks used in the construction of artistic structures and various other architectural elements in that era act as evidence that the rulers were treated as authentic measuring units with their accurate measurement guides.

These rulers were composed of ivory and after their origination, the ideas related to their existence also travelled to Central Asia as well as Persia, where they received further alterations and modifications to be mould into something that is more accurate than the basic rulers.

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