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Invention of Seamless Celestial Globe

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About Invention of Seamless Celestial Globe

This invention in the country of India holds a significant value in history as it was earlier perceived and believed that it was impossible to build any metal globes without the involvement of seams. This perception belonged to modern metallurgists before the years 1980s in the late 20th century when the seamless celestial globes were rediscovered.

But as history has it, the perceptions were proven wrong long ago, at a time as early as the period between 1589- 1590 CE, where the seamless celestial globe was first invented in Kashmir by Ali Kashmiri ibn Luqman. Ever since then it has been considered one of the most prominent discovered in the field of metallurgy.

After the discovery of the first seamless globe, around 20 more of such globes were produces sometime later in places like Kashmir and Lahore, during the reign of the Mughal Empire, who ruled India for a long period of time. The metallurgists in the era of the Mughals used the method of low-wax casting to build these globes, those proving the notions of the modern metallurgists that it was technically not possible to build metal globes excluding the involvement of seams.

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