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Invention of Mysorean Rockets

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About Mysorean Rockets

As the name suggests, Mysorean Rockets, originated in the southern city of Mysore in the country of India, and were mainly weapons composed of iron, or in other words, were iron cased rockets that were used for military purposes during the early day’s wars.

Famous ruler Hyder Ali, who was the first ruler of Mysore in the 18th century, as well as his son as successor to the throne, famous warrior Tipu Sultan, made use of these Mysorean Rockets efficiently and effectively during their battles against the East India Company, i.e. the British when they tried to invade India and conquer the country.

The use of these weapons made its existence revealed to the British people who later went on to take the concept from the country and with alterations and modifications, with the use of the original and additional technology, made Congreve rockets in Europe for fighting battles.

These weapons were also used in the famous Battle of Baltimore that took place in the year 1814, along with the Napoleonic wars as well as the war of 1912.

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