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The two words Current along with Affairs add up to give a fascinating name to a subject regarding study. Current means latest, day to day existence and issues mean events, issues and so on. Therefore current affairs will be the day to day occurrences and activities around us. Current issues revolve around happenings in different arena related to nationwide, international, economic system, sports, science and technologies, environment. Reach of Present affairs is usually wider along with deep affecting all and sundry.

Current Affairs enclose within their fold happenings occurring in numerous categories as well as related innovations. For example national events incorporate within their fold features like economy, social, politics, sports, science, environment and so forth.

The topics involved

The events might be of country wide importance, or be appropriate at the state, district stage. Likewise whenever we talk about Global Current its range might be related to the various aspects of national politics, economy, research and atmosphere, and reach could be distributed across continents like-America, Latin America, Europe, southern Asian countries, East Asia, Central Asian countries, Africa, gulf countries and so on. Looking at that vastness within reach and range of recent affairs it can be suggested that you should demarcate the limits regarding current affairs on the basis of individual requirements and objectives,

The relation with journalism

Technically Recent Affairs means a category of broadcast journalism where emphasis is on specific analysis along with discussion of reports stories that have recently transpired or are ongoing at the time of program. This deviates from standard news broadcasts where the concentration is on news reviews prepared to get simple display as soon as possible, often with a minimum analysis.

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