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Invention of Cashmere Wool

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History of Cashmere Wool

This is one type of fabric which is famous all over the country and is preferred and cherished by most of the women, Traditionally known as pashmina or pashm, this fiber refers to the Kashmiri shawls which are handmade with minute detailing when it comes to its designing, embroidery as well as stitching and was originated in the country dating 3rd century BCE.

Literary mentions and evidences say that these handmade fibers came into existence between the 3rd century BCE and 11th century BCE, and were composed of wool found in the Kashmir region of the then geographical structure of India.

However, some contradictions on the origination time exist as the founding member of the Cashmere wool industry, Zayn-ul-Abidin, who was also the ruler of Kashmir, came into existence only in the 15th century, and hence, that would mean the origination of the fiber happened only in the 15th century. It is also said that Abidin employed many weavers from Central Asia in his Cashmere wool industry.

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