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Invention of Carding Devices

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History of Carding Devices

Changes and transitions in the textile industry of the country aren’t something new, and over the years even the carding devices, which are mainly instruments used in the textiles have undergone many transitions. The first of the carding devices, the functions of which are to cleanse and untangle fibers in the textiles were discovered in India.

Back then, they were commonly known as bow-instruments used in textile technology and its origination in the country dates back to a time as early as the 2nd century BC. The carding devices were traditionally and popularly known by the names Kaman and Dhunaki. These devices were used to make the texture of the fibers in the textiles lose, with the help of a vibrating string.

The origination then led to further alterations, additions, and modifications, which ultimately resulted in the discovery of a hand-driven carding machine in England, in the hands of Lewis Paul from Birmingham.

As of today, these devices with its modern technology-oriented format are used in high scale mills to shape up, cleanse and make the textures of the fibers of the textiles better.

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