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AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme: Registration, Objective, Benefits

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About Jala Kala Scheme

On 28 September 2020, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh launched the AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme, an excellent state government decision. Under this scheme, the State government will provide free borewell for all farms in Andhra Pradesh, making it easier for farmers to do farming.

Through this, Andhra Pradesh farmers, who are reliant on natural water resources for their agriculture, will irrigate their fields. Farmers can’t use natural groundwater resources for their irrigation due to the high draught figures. Free borewells will be provided to farmers under this scheme to continue their farming and increase their revenue due to the crop.

Jala Kala Scheme objective

After traveling 3,648 km, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh met the rankers. The fields were dry due to the lousy lack of water sources, because of which the Chief Minister explained how the penetration of borewells put them into debt. Seeing the farmers’ problem, the Chief Minister swore that the farmers working in the fields would be provided with borewells.

Eligible rankers will either be able to apply on the web or through the secretariat of the city. After hydrological and geophysical reviews, all applications will be screened. The particular group will survey the groundwater level when the application is submitted and provide the boring contract worker with freedom.

YSR Jalakala Scheme Benefits

The AP Jala Kala Scheme, estimated at Rs 2,340 crore in four years, will benefit about 3 lakh farmers. The administration’s goal is to set up nearly 2 lakh water system borewells and reach the field upstream and beyond, which depends on the water table’s degree.

This plan’s benefit will be given to 2.5 to 5 acres of farmers under the Jala Kala Scheme. Instant messages will also be sent to farmers on their apps’ status at each stage in their nominated cell phone numbers. Five lakh acres of land will be sent for irrigation under this scheme, and 2 lakh borewells will be set free.

AP Jala Kala Scheme implementation

The following steps provide the implementation process for the scheme:

  • Before entering, Borewell locations will be identified by leading groundwater overview through cuts.
  • It is eligible for planning without a borewell and with a cot space where there are 2.5 sections.
  • According to this system, the provision of benefits to minority individuals will be given priority.
  • The beneficiaries may apply online or offline under the AP Jala Kala Scheme.
  • A groundwater review by drawing in a qualified geologist will have to be led by boring contract staff.
  • To start work by PD, the administration’s approval will also have to be obtained from the District Collector.
  • The enhanced photo with geo-label will be taken by the Authority and the recipient after the completion of the borewell scheme within the vision of penetrating the temporary worker.
  • The depth measurement of this borewell will be carried out by the authorities concerned.
  • If one borewell becomes small, the authorities will be bored with another borewell upon receipt.
  • The government will pay contractors.
  • To implement the scheme, the District Collector will also guide the stakeholders.
  • The beneficiaries will eventually be promoted via this scheme.

Under the YSR Jala Kala Scheme, How to Get Free Borewell?

Through village secretariats, eligible farmers can apply online. After that, hydrogeological and geophysical surveys will be scrutinized. One of each parliamentary constituency has already been identified and identified by state government drilling contractor agencies. The scheme may apply to a farmer and a group of farmers withholding 2.5 to 5 acres.

In terms of groundwater level, the drilling borewells will be launched based on the facility. Once the application is completed, the technical team will assess the groundwater level and provide the drilling contractor with clearance.

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