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How to Look Glamorous in a Beach Wedding?

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Beach Wedding is full of fun and generally more affordable than other types of weddings. In the case of a Beach Wedding, it is challenging to maintain the perfect bridal look.

Fortunately, several steps must be taken to protect a beauty look from ruin and to maintain the perfect image from the walk down the hall to the last dance. Keep your bridal makeup flawless at a beach wedding by following these helpful tips and tricks.

Tips for Beach Wedding

Avoid wearing sticky lip gloss

Gloss is beautiful, but wearing it on the beach can cause a big problem. If there is a little wind, your hair may end up sticking to your lips. Use a pencil or lip stain instead.

Keep Extra Bobby Pins on Hand Bobby

Pins are a bride’s best friend when it comes to keeping hair tame. Pin help to manage loose hair throughout the day.

Makeup primers are helpful

It is incredibly important to use eye shadow before applying your wedding makeup. Makeup primers help makeup stay intact and also prevent wrinkles. Opt for an oil-free primer that will give you a matte look all day long.

Take sweat into account when considering your hairstyle

If you are prone to sweating on your neck or back in higher temperatures or in the sun, you may want to consider pulling your hair back for your beach wedding. This prevents frizz and an unwanted break in your hairstyle, giving you one less thing to worry about on your big day.

Use a finishing spray after makeup application

Use a finishing spray to set your look in place and keep it fresh all day.

Hairstyle must compliment your normal hair type

The heat and humidity of a beach wedding can work against your hairstyle if you are looking for something that is not very natural for your hair type and texture. For example, if your hair is naturally straight, you may end up disappointed if you curl your hair, and the hairstyle falls out of moisture within hours of starting the day.

To combat this, it may be best to go with the style and texture of your hair that is more natural, and that ensures that your hairstyle lasts the entire duration of the event.

Use SPF to protect your skin

There are so many makeup options that have built-in sun protection. For a beach wedding, it would be silly not to include a little SPF in your makeup routine.

Make sure your hair is clean

Many stylists perpetuate the rumor that slightly dirty hair can help maintain a better style than clean, squeaky hair. However, dirt and oil build-up generally weighs down the hair and can go against whatever style you have worked on adding to your hair. Depending on your hair type and the hairstyle you choose, you may want to start the day with clean hair, especially when you are beach all day.

Wear waterproof makeup to combat sweat and tears

The waterproof makeup ensures that it will not melt off the face, even in the highest temperatures. In the case of eye makeup, it will prevent streaks from forming when a few tears fall during the wedding vows or father-daughter dance.

Use a hair spray with reliable hold

Use a hair spray that you like and that you know works for your hair. Make sure it has a reliable hold without your hair getting too stiff, and you will appreciate the difference, especially if it’s windy on your wedding day.

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