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Black is Eternal

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By Smitakshi Guha

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

The quote is a popular one by renowned designer Yves Saint Lauren, who has a list of achievements to his credit in the field of fashion.

Well, there’s no denial that fashion is only a trend that comes and goes but your style is what makes you who you are; but it is equally undeniable that to augment that style and keep it an ageless possession in life, there are a list of things that one can never let go of. One such thing is the color black.

Black is beauty. Black is resplendent. An aura that will always have your presence felt and your effervescence noticed. Be it its sensuous bold appeal that doesn’t need a woman to scream for attention, as when she’s adorning the color, she is already having all the attention in the world.

source: outerinner
source: outerinner

Be it a black dress, or an evening gown– the essence of the color, which is still unaccepted by many as a color is a powerful weapon which has sharp edges that the human eye can barely see but only feel.

For a retro party or a night out at a club, a disco or a dinner date, it fits your frame giving you the apt look for any occasion, no matter how small or big.

It is that friend of a girl who delves in and blends with every mood of her life, bold, funny, playful or restless.

Team it with a set of pearls, or wear that copper oxide necklace that you got from window shopping the other day, black will never betray you and give you the most easy going, quick ready to act look, at the same time keeping your elegance class apart.

Someone had rightly said that black and white is a perennial combination, the impact of which can never lose its charm. Well, “old is gold” is very true, but when it comes to black in fashion, the concept is an antiquated still ever young and fresh element in life. And so we call it, black is eternal.

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