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Trending Long Nails Designs

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Long nails are most people’s choice, especially those people that get their manicures done by a professional. Wearing your nails long helps you stand out in the crowd since there is no way they can go unnoticed. The length of the nails will draw attention from both short and long distances, and if you want more attention on your nails, you can try some dramatic effects like using a really bold color.

Getting long nail designs will give you the satisfaction that you really had your manicure done. It also shows that you are a modern woman who is open to change. There are so many designs of long nail manicures that you can try out. Below are some long nails ideas that are definitely glam.

Nude and Black Marble Swirl Coffin Nails

The coffin nails are one of the trendiest nail shapes available now. Coordinating this amazing nail shape with super long nails gives you a stylish look you want from your manicure. Getting the swirling art is also outstanding.

Combining the three aspects is an awesome combination to meet the trend standards.

Pink Stiletto Nails

Pink is a very feminine and cute color. Painting your long stiletto nails pink is perfect if you are going for that feminine Barbie girl look. With this idea, you get a variety of pink shades to choose from. If you are not certain about one shade of pink, you can have fun experimenting with all of them alternatively for different manicure appointments.

If you do not have enough time to book a nail appointment, you can work with a cute pair of press-ons that you can wear over and over. Press-on gives you the comfort of wearing and removing the nails whenever you feel like it.

Brown Matte  Nails

Brown matte and other shades of the matte are currently on the top of the manicure trend chart right now. For this amazing idea, you need to do the long nails in any shape you want and paint them in a brown matte base coat.

To turn things a notch higher, you can combine this idea with the trending cow print art. For a skillful design, get the art on a few nails whiteively preferably the middle nails. Getting the art on all the nails will get a dramatic finish that you may want to avoid.

Black Matte Coffin Nails

Black is a bold color if you love dull colors. The color gets attention to your nails with less dramatic effect. Black nails also pass some edgy vibes, which most people try to get from their manicures.

If you don’t like the brightness that comes with the usual black polish, black matte is perfect to get rid of, the extra shine. Black matte nails may be just the ideal option if you want to rock a night party with the baddie or witchy vibe.

Black Nails With Glitter

This is the perfect idea if you want to go a little extra with your black nails. The glitters add a little shine to your black nails if you want to eliminate some dullness.

The manicure looks like almost some sugary effect and definitely can’t go unnoticed. This manicure is not extra, but it can still be considered sparkly.

Black Nails With GlitterSource:

White Nails

White nails are perfect if you want that neat edgy appearance. If you are wondering what nails to try for a coming up event you try a white long nail design. White nails are beautiful and give off some classy and bossy vibes. White nails are also classic and trendy if you like staying in fashion.

Nude Nails

Nude nails are also one of the trends in the manicure fashion world. You can try different shades of nude based on your skin color.

Nude long nails are considered feminine, minimum, and modern. You can wear these nails for any event whether casual or official.

Long Ombre Nails

This is the perfect nail idea for the modern woman. You can choose different arts for your ombre design since with the nails being long you get a bigger surface area to design different arts.



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