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Top 7 Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Safety of women is the need of the hour and quintessential. It should be a fundamental right for every woman. From villages to cities, women are daily subjected to molestation, rape, harassment, and other forms of heinous crimes.
From workplace harassment to foul experiences during traveling in cabs to posting pictures online, nothing these days is safe for women. Hence, it is essential that measures are taken to make things secure and safer for women.
Here’s a list of top 7 personal safety tips that every woman should know—

Safety Tips Every Woman

1. The art of defence

Learning some form of defense technique comes in handy in any given situation. You can start with martial arts for instance. Get yourself enrolled in boxing or a karate class, bring on that aggression and the next time someone tries to do you physically wrong, beat the hell out of them.

2. Speak up when it’s required

In majority of the cases, women choose to stay quiet and ignore disrespectful acts. Don’t stay quiet! Take a stand for yourself and speak up when you see the water is rising above your head. In cases where you think things aren’t in your control anymore, know that you can always dial 100 for help.

3. Understand and analyse the situations and the surroundings

Be completely aware of what is going on around you. Keep your eyes and ears open and stay alert. Ever if you feel like someone is following you or stalking you, move to a place where there are more people instead of continuing on a deserted road.

4. Keep your important contacts on your speed dial

There are situations where you need to act quick and won’t have much time to think, hence, it is essential that you keep your list of important contacts saved on speed dial, so that if need be, you can hit just one button, and your contact would be intimated about what’s going on.

5. Download effective personal safety applications on your smartphone

Keep some useful personal safety apps on your phone and make sure they are really good. You can do that by checking their ratings and reviews on the App Store/ Google Playstore.

6. Defence products are your best buddies

Keep the defence products handy because you might need them any time! But a chili spray or a pepper spray and keep it with you in a place, from where you can easily grab it when you need it.

7. Always be confident

Sometimes women who appear meek and conscious are easy targets, so walk confidently and never let too much about you being known to anyone. Most men fear confident women, and hence, wear confidence like your crown and walk with pride.

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