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World Ethnic Day

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The date is not just a significant one in terms of the fashion field, but also in terms of cultural heritage. Craftsvilla is celebrating World Ethnic Day on the 19th of June, to celebrate the intense, enriched, traditional roots that India has, ever since its existence and the birth of arts and crafts in the country.

The face chosen for this significant day is none other than popular Bollywood actress, Vidya Balan, who has throughout her career done a number of amazing movies and carried herself with utmost poise in Indian attires, sarees to be precise and celebrated herself in both fashion and entertainment industry with a tinge of cultural roots and glamour.

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According to Vidya, World Ethnic Day is not just about celebrating the fashion and beauty of ethnic, traditional clothes, that have adorned and enhanced frames of women for ages now, but also to pay a tribute to thousands of those artisans and craftsmen who have invested so much of hard work in such hand embroidered items, where they work round the clock to give birth to the products that we buy and wear.

The shift from the handloom industry to the power loom industry in terms of the manufacturing and production of these items, like sarees, cholis, lehengas, have put the fate and future of so many artists in question, as their only mode of income is now dicey.

Hence, world ethnic day is all about appreciating where you came from, your roots, your culture as well as your traditions, because no matter what, you can always keep up with the trends and make a mark for yourself in the fashion league with the right attitude and right choices, and what better than your own country’s ethnic fashion to make it a complete package?

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