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UP Bhulekh: Khasra, Khatoni, UP Online Land Records Verification

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About UP Bhulekh

The official digital website, launched by the Revenue Council under Uttar Pradesh’s Government, is Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh. The Bhulekh UP platform attempts to streamline and digitize various land records-related tasks and activities that have historically been performed offline and have taken a lot of time and effort.

This included all activities such as Jamabandi and even the Khatauni method, where documents were kept manually. However, in Uttar Pradesh, all activities concerning land records have now been successfully computerized.

Bhulekh UP maintains all critical information and land data during the Khatauni lifecycle. This structure provides greater accountability and organization, and, depending on their convenience, people can conveniently access information at their fingertips anywhere.

For small updates, they don’t have to visit the UP Patwari or revenue office anymore. That is the main gain that Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh provides.

Advantages of Primary Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh

There are many benefits that Bhulekh UP offers, including the following:

  • Citizens can access information on land records, land maps, and all related data conveniently on a single portal at any location or at any time. Government agencies do not have to visit them all the time.
  • By entering the Gata or Khasra number on the official portal, you can readily see land and possession details.
  • This guarantees greater accountability while tackling unlawful ownership of land, land stealing, bribery, litigation, and other crimes.
  • Bhulekh UP acts as a one-stop solution for all state residents to view all notifications and information about the land they own.
  • There is no need to pay visits to the office of Patwari regularly to obtain crucial data.
  • Data can be changed and added via the portal of Bhulekh UP to land accounts.

In a nutshell, by digitizing land records and making them available online, the Uttar Pradesh Government has undoubtedly ensured greater convenience for people.

Checking land records for Bhulekh UP online

Without any glitches, you can search Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh land records online easily.

How to search the Khatauni Imitation (record of rights)?

Here are the steps for testing the imitation of Khatauni or Khatauni Ki Nakal on the Bhulekh UP portal.

  • Visit the official website, i.e.,, and then click Khatoni’s See imitation.
  • You need to enter the Captcha code that appears in the dialogue box. Make sure that the case-sensitive code has been correctly entered before pressing submit.
  • From the list given, pick your district.
  • After this method, choose the Tehsil from a list that appears.
  • From the list that comes up now, choose the village. If you pick the village’s first letter from the options given below, the process becomes quicker.
  • Accordingly, key in your credentials, i.e., you can check for the Gata No. or account number or account holder’s name. After entering this information, you can click on See Evaluation.
  • All account data, including the name of the account holder, district, city, land record numbers, crop year, etc., can now be viewed.
  • This page can be saved, or a screenshot of it can be taken for future reference.

As we all know that Uttar Pradesh is the biggest state in the country in terms of both the population and the area. Hence, there is bound to be an ample amount of land in the state. However, over the years the state was facing tracking difficulties when it came to the land.

However, the problem has been much better now which the emergence of the UP Bhulekh scheme. Make sure to go through it, and apply if you are eligible.

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