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History of Golghar Patna

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About Golghar Patna

Located near Gandhi Maidan in Patna, the Golghar, which means “round house” in English, was built in the year 1786 by Captain John Garstin as a granary. A severe famine that jeopardized the lives and properties of over 10 million people in the Indian states of Bengal and Bihar in the year 1770, led to the formation of this building.

India being a part of the British rule during that time, faced a lot of trouble when the then governor general of the country Warren Hastings, ordered for the construction of a building to store grains and other food items, only for the British people and not for the suffering Indians, during the famine.

Having a spherical shape from the outside, the building has no pillars and the uniqueness of the place lies with the fact that it is capable of storing around 1,40,000 tons of grains. In the interior, there’s a spiral staircase in the building which leads you all the way to the top. The whole thing was designed in such a way that the people getting the grains from the top could just throw it from the top hole, and the substance would land safely downstairs.

From the top of the structure of Golghar, one can view the entire city of Patna, with a serene view of river Ganga flowing nearby.

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