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History of Hauz Khas Delhi

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About Hauz Khas Delhi

A place belonging to the medieval history of the 13th century, Hauz Khas is located in South Delhi and mainly ascends from the reign of the Delhi Sultanate. The place comprises of a large water tank, a tomb, an Islamic seminary, a mosque, along with many pavilions that are spread across the area. This place was part of the Siri, the then second medieval city in India.

The name Hauz Khas, when translated into English means Royal Tank, and that is the main attraction of the place: the water tank, which was constructed by Khilji, to provide a good water supply to the residents of Siri.

Over the years, many changes took place in the area and during the 1980s the whole village was transformed into a semi urban area, making room for commercial and residential living to take place. Further development made a radical change happen wherein the area became a really expensive tourist attraction, with a number of boutiques, restaurants and other commercial sectors opening up.

The Hauz Khas Lake in the area, is a true depiction of scenic beauty with ducks floating and serene water, and remains one of the most beautiful essences of this now-urbanized village.a

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