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History of Pathar ki Masjid

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Built by Parvez Shah, son of Mughal Emperor Jahangir and grandson of the great Akbar in the year 1621, the Pathar ki Masjid is situated in the city of Patna, and is the oldest mosque in the city.

The title literally means “mosque of stone” in English and is located in a congested neighborhood in Patna. The mosque, in terms of its geographical location, is in close proximity with the banks of River Ganga, and was constructed as a symbol of peace and religious harmony.

Its name reflects the fact that it was built completely out of stone and consists of a small central dome. It also has four minarets which are small in height and are located at the four corners, along with two bigger minarets which are installed right at the entrance.

The mosque has gained immense popularity over the years, and is also knows by names like the Saif Khan’s mosque, Sangi Masjid and Chimmi Ghat mosque.

Due to its small structure, the mosque is often hidden from the eyes of the public, due to large number of shops and buildings clouding the area. However, it is still regarded as an extremely holy and famous Mughal structure where hundreds of Islam worshippers turn up to offer prayers.

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