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History of Gateway of India

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About Gateway of India

Built in the year 1924, the Gateway of India, located in Mumbai Maharashtra, is one of India’s most popular heritages, having the Arabian Sea on its borders.

The place attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world, and acts as a major hub for the country’s chief ports. The cash invested by the Indian government in the construction of this structure amounted to around 21 lacs, and as on today, the place has got the attention of many photographers, vendors and food sellers, who have set up their business next to the place, to have a lot of customers, as the place is always filled with tourists and the general crowd.

The Gateway of India has also been a venue of celebrations, one of the most remembered out of which is the First Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry that took place in the year 1948, right after the last troops of the British left India after independence.

Although the main purpose behind the construction of the structure was to acknowledge King George V and Queen Mary’s visit to Bombay (now Mumbai), today it remains as one of India’s most vital monuments, depicting its strength, power and peace.

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