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TAMRA Portal and Mobile Application

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TAMRA Portal Overview


To ensure open awards of regulatory clearance for mining activities, the Ministries unveiled the Openness, Auction Tracking, and Resource Enhancement (TAMRA) portal and Smartphone Application.

As part of an easy activity in the mining industry, the TAMRA website was introduced at the same time across 12 mineralized countries to contribute twice over GDP to Mining.

The mining industry is controlled by the 1957 (MDR) Act and its regulations, the Mining and Minerals Act (Development and Regulation). Laws for Mineral (Auction) Rules of 2015 and Rules for Mineral Management and Growth 2016 (MCDR) and others (MCDR) Mineral (Other than Atomic and Hydrocarbon Energy Minerals).

The Act and the Rules provide regulatory structure for mineral sector management, control, and growth in the region.

The Centre and the State lists discuss Mining, the Legislation on major minerals is framed by the Centre, and the mineral concessions are given and controlled by the States. Mining is a subject listed.

The Centre administers the MCDR by the Indian Mining Bureau (IBM) to systematically and scientifically establish mineral resources throughout the region.

As required by the Production and Regulation (Mines and Minerals) Amendment Act, 2015, the allotment of mineral blocks of essential minerals is now initiated by way of e-actions to ensure greater clarity and restrict grants’ discretion.

The e-auction mechanism for allocating blocks of minerals has established the basis for “easy business” in the country’s mining industry.

After the mineral block is assigned by e-auction and before mining operations can proceed, the favorite bender must receive multiple clearances/approvals. In the light of the prime minister’s initiative, ‘Make in India,’ auctioned blocks must start development as soon as possible.

The business facility’s target can be overcome if the required clearances are issued with an improper wait.

With this in mind, it was agreed at the apex level to formulate an Inter-ministerial Committee (IMG) and name its Post-Auction Mining Clearances and Authorities Facilitator to facilitate and speed up various clearances and approvals needed after mineral blocks are allocated (PAMCAF).

Under PAMCAF, a Web-based platform and Mobile APP named “TAMRA for Transparency, Auction Monitoring, and Resource Enhancement” have been developed to provide auctioned/auction mining block status the public in India in a “transparently” way.

This will encourage the “monitoring” of legislative clearances aligned with the mineral blocks to speed up production from the mineral blocks, resulting in “resource increase” and added to the States’ financial resource base by favoured bidders and other stakeholders, including the States/ministries.

Salient features of TAMRA


  • It provides details about mines to be auctioned from a block, mineral, and state viewpoint.
  • It will also track numerous regulatory clearances and emphasize additional e-auction tools.
  • The TAMRA network would aim to enhance the accountability and openness of Mining.
  • TAMRA can send triggers to the authority concerned while delayed in obtaining clearances. These causes make the authority quickly take corrective measures.
  • The TAMRA triggers shall also be submitted to the Ministry for Mining, which will enable the ministry to speed up clarifications in cases of failure to comply with the timetables set against each legislative clearance.
  • The portal shall display the status of each of the clearances.
  • The platform will also enable active bidders to make suggestions and inputs to strengthen the mining industry’s existing process for granting regulatory clearances. This mechanism would help the government to create a participatory and informational network for all stakeholders.

The entire scheme revolves around the mining to keep control of the happenings.

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