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TARANG Mobile App & Web Portal

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TARANG Mobile App & Web Portal Overview

Steam, Gas, Modern, and Clean Energies, and Mines Minister of State (IC) Piyush Goyal unveiled the New Dehlie Bidding e-bidding platform of TARANG mobile app, e-Trans, and e-bidding on 17 August 2016.

The projects were built by the company Transmission Limited (RECTPCL), a subsidiary of REC Ltd. Rural Electrification Corporation The projects have been implemented in conjunction with the initiative Digital India. In the power market, it seeks mainly to increase accountability.

Rural Electrification Corporation Transmission Projects Company Limited has created the “TARANG’ Mobile App” “e-Trans” and “DEEP” web-bidding portals (RECTPCL). TARANG represents the Real-Time Tracking & Growth Transmission App.

TARANG characteristics

  • It means real-time tracking and growth transfer application.
  • A valuable surveying tool to track potential transmission ventures would be the smartphone device and the web portal.
  • The progress of intra-state and inter-state transmission networks in the world will also be tracked.
  • It assists stakeholders – Ministry of Energy, State Governments, all the transmission developers in the private sector, and PSUs, including the India Ltd. Power Grid Company, to rapidly complete those projects.
  • Green energy corridors will also be tracked by TARANG and help reach ambitious goals on time. Green energy corridors are a significant part of clean energy missions.

It increases convenience, efficiency, and openness and enhances customers’ trust in the power transmission industry.

  • The power users in India eventually benefit from improved price discovery.

The Controlled Process established

  • The tariff system and the Competitive Tariff Bidding (TBCB) route.

E-Trans characteristics

  • It is a Web portal for Tariff-based Competitive Bidding (TBCB), e-bidding, and e-reverse auctioning for transition projects.
  • To date, operators in the transmission market engaged in manual bids.
  • The interface is electronic with e-Trans.
  • On coal field lines, a reverse auction is implemented to allow better market discovery in transmission projects in the transmission sector.

DEEP characteristics

  • Discovery of the effective price of energy is considered DEEP.
  • It is a medium-term (1-5 year) electricity procurement portal.
  • A shared e-bidding mechanism with e-reverse auction enabling national electricity procurement across a broader network is being developed.
  • Allows a standardized and open energy procurement process.
  • Which would dramatically lower the cost of electricity supply and thereby benefit the final users greatly.
  • The site is based on the Medium Term Power Procurement Guidelines notified and further updated by the Union Government in 2014.
  • Further extending the reach of this portal to cover long-term power acquisition.

The public can obtain the following programs through the portal.

  • Mobile towers are situated near any town — A public app for quick map search functionality to view mobile towers in any town’s vicinity.
  • Find mobile towers based on your current location with their EMF Securité status – Users who access PCs/tablets/mobile devices through GPS enabled.
  • Demand for EMF measurements by the public – EMF emission measurement can be submitted at any location by payment of a nominal charge of Rs 4000/- online. The local Telecom Compliance and Monitoring (TERM) sent to the DoT unit will perform testing and provide the test report’s requester. The test report is available.
  • The website also has the ‘EMF Summary’ and ‘Learns’ pages, which contain many posts, booklets, and videos, to provide the public with more information on EMF and telecommunication service coverage.

Since we have all seen the growth happening in the market today, the digital India movement has kicked off, and there was a need for a scheme that could cover everything about the Digital India concept in the best way possible, hence, this scheme has been ultra advantageous.

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