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SHe-Box – Sexual Harassment Electronic Box Portal

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SHe-Box, what is it?

The Sexual Harassment electronic Box, the Government of India’s (SHe-Box), provides any women with a single-window to encourage the filing of sexual harassment grievances irrespective of their job status in an organized or unorganized private or public sector.

A woman who is exposed to sexual assault will file a report on this portal. The SHe-Box shall, after the complaint is presented, be submitted directly to the relevant body responsible for taking action.

On Monday, the Ministry of Women and Child Development unveiled an online portal that enables Central Government workers to lodge complaints related to sexual abuse at their Workplace.

The Platform will meet central government officials at the outset and extend the Platform’s reach into the private sector, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi said.

When a complaint is sent to the SHe-Box, it is referred directly to the Ministry /Department/PSU/Self-Government Internal Recommendations Committee (ICC), with the right to enquire. The ICC will operate in compliance with the legislation and change the complaint status.

A senior ministerial official said, “The platform is also an attempt to offer “speedy solutions” to women who experience sexual abuse at the Workplace.

The Minister of WCD also ordered officials to “interactively” the portal. The Platform should include a list of information so that the employee can recognize the actual state of the complaint.

There are 30,87 lakh workers of the Union government. According to the Central Government workers census in 2011, women accounted for 10.93% of the total force.

Just a few improvements are required in our online guide. Once completed, private sector workers will now be allowed to lodge grievances,” said Gandhi.

How do I file a sexual assault report at work?

SHe-Box is easy to file a complaint, but a valid email ID is required. It would help if you took the following procedures to complain:

  • Press File your complaint on the Register page
  • On the next screen, give the type of Workplace where the suspected sexual assault act(s) took place (Government/Private)
  • On the computer is seen a complaint registration form
  • Complete all the information needed and click on the ‘send’ tab
  • A message of clarification is then submitted to the complaint form, specified in your email ID.
  • The message will be sent using your email ID as a user ID, which will allow you to open a She-Box account.
  • Password generation to view from time to time the status of a complaint.
  • The user manual posted to the website contains a comprehensive registration process.

Portal importance

This site is an effort to provide a forum for women to file reports relating to sexual harassers at work in compliance with the SH Act and visit all Central Government offices (Central Ministries, Agencies, Public Sector Corporation, Autonomous Organizations, and Agencies, etc.).

Many who have previously filed a written complaint with the Internal Complaint (ICC) Committee formed under the SH Act can also file a complaint via this website. It also seeks to make women faced with sexual assault in the Workplace more easily remedial as envisaged by the SH rule.

There has been a lot which is happening with the girls nowadays, especially the single woman. It is important to curb the situation and take-out corrective measures to solve this problem.

The She Box portal is the one-stop destination that gives access to the women, to not hesitate and just complain whenever they have faced any sexual assault or harassment.

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