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PRAAPTI App and Web portal Features, Benefits

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PRAAPTI App and Web Portal Overview

A web portal and app called PRAAPTI (Payment Ratification and Power Procurement Analysis to Introduce Transparency in Generator Invoicing) has been launched by the Ministry of Power to improve transparency between generators and distribution companies (DISCOMs)in power purchase transactions.

PRAAPTI Web Portal, PRAAPTI App Download

The PRAAPTI App and Web Portal have been created to ensure transparency in electricity purchasing between electricity producers and power distribution companies. This app and web portal can collect invoices and payment data from electricity suppliers for several long-term power purchase agreements. In the event of power purchases, the PRAAPTI Web Portal and Mobile App will also help stakeholders collect monthly and conventional data on the unpaid balance of distribution companies.


This software helps users know specifics of the power delivery companies’ payments made to the power generating firm.

This web portal and mobile app will also provide information about the time at which payments were made. Consumers can also offer assistance upon receipt.

Also, customers will be able to determine the power distribution companies’ financial output concerning the payments provided to the power generation companies.

At present, the app is only available for download on Android devices.

This initiative’s primary goal is to herald a new age of transparency in the energy sector’s financial transactions. The portal and the app were introduced by R.K. Singh, the Minister of Power.

For several long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) from the generators, both the web portal and the app will represent the invoicing and payment details. It would also help all stakeholders by providing month-wise data against their PPAs on the outstanding amounts of DISCOMs.

The app can also assist users with details relating to the payments rendered to the power generation business by the DISCOMs. The time of the payment will also be stated.

The portal would also allow customers to evaluate the financial performance of their DISCOMs and decide if the generating companies are not being adequately paid for.

PRAAPTI will also assist DISCOMs and manufacturing firms to find a solution to their pending payments. It will also allow for a relative evaluation of the ease of making payments to different DISCOMs and generating firms.

Main Functionalities

The PRAAPTI app and web portal gathers invoicing and payment data from power generation companies for various long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) (generators). This will allow stakeholders to collect monthly and legacy data on outstanding sums against electricity purchasing from DISCOMs.

The PRAAPTI app will also allow users to know the information related to payments made to power generators by DISCOMs and when they were made. It will also allow customers to determine their DISCOMs financial output in terms of generator payments.

The PRAAPTI portal can also enable DISCOMs and GENCOs to reconcile their pending payments. It will promote the comparative evaluation of the various State DISCOMs on making payments to different generators and will also help make transactions more transparent in the power sector.

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