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Manoj Tulsani: Dubai’s Successful Self-Made Businessman

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About Manoj Tulsani

Not everyone has the capacity to leave the coziness of a well-settled and remunerated job and dip toes in the world of business and ongoing risks. Yes, it is not an easy task to don the hat of an entrepreneur as it entails a lot of perseverance, hard work and creativity to bring one’s business ideas to life.

If you are looking for some inspirational ideas to get your entrepreneurship right, you should definitely know the journey of Manoj Tulsani and his successful business, Rayna Tours and Travels, which he started from a small outlet and now is an industry-leading Destination Management Company.

Meet the Man behind Rayna Tours and Travels

Manoj Tulsani is the co-founder as well as the current CEO of Rayna Tours and Travels. He was brought up in a modest family set up in the Indian state of Rajasthan, at Ajmer. He moved to Dubai at 21 (after finishing his graduation in the commerce stream from the University of Mumbai).

It was back in 1999. His first job was with Safeer Group of Companies where he found himself as a marketing executive. Later, he landed a job at Time Machine Group of Companies where he reached the zenith of his career.

But, Manoj’s love for travel and passion for entrepreneurship was so deep and strong that when it came to take a career break, he didn’t have a second thought.

He chose to take the longer and rockier route by starting a new business in a relatively new industry rather than continuing his career in a better position as the Marketing Head in the industry (trading) where he was already an expert.

This was how the seed for Rayna Tours and Travels was planted in 2006. Kamlesh Ramchandani, his friend and former colleague at Safeer Group of Companies, joined him in this journey.

Growing the Business and Early Struggles

As Rayna Tours and Travels started its sail from a small boutique inside Flora Grand Hotel in Dubai, their main goal was to offer hassle-free tours and activities for the hotel guests. It, however, took quite a while for its founders to develop their business from thisidea. Thesurvival of the business wriggledthrough a myriad of reasons, from insufficient funds and lack of industry experience to the shortage of a strong team or a mentor.

Given its bumpy start, the venture could have simply gone off the rail. Instead, Manoj and his partner cum friend took all these pressures and struggles to their stride while finding an opportunity or taking a lesson from every difficult circumstance that came their way. All the efforts paid off when they opened 15 plus similar travel boutiques in less than two years.

Rayna Tours Becomes a Global Success

From 2008, Rayna Tours experienced an exponential business growth. They pushed and pushed till they finally carved a name for themselves in the industry as a full-suite Destination Management Company by 2009. Since then, the company has no turning back under the able leadership of Manoj.

It continues to be a leader in both B2C and B2B domains, so much so that it has taken its services and offerings beyond the boundaries by opening branches across the globe in ten plus countries, mainly India, Malaysia Singapore, and Thailand. These are apart from its main office in Dubai, at ACICO Business Park Building, Port Saaed Road, at Deira.

Inevitable Phases of Rayna Tours’ Success

“The success of Rayna Tours and Travels mainly lies on the fact that we always look at the bright side of a situation or a challenge,” says Manoj on dealing with ongoing industry challenges.

This has helped them to come up with some brilliant ideas at every stage of their business journey. They are one of the few companies in the industry that focuses on the ‘direct to end user’business strategy with best price guarantee for most of their services.

In other words, with its own desert camp, cruise vessels and substantial logistic solutions in their extensive product portfolio, Rayna Tours is able to skip the role of middlemen in the execution of a tour activity or travel service. The outcome is exceptional cost savings for both the company and its customers.

Meanwhile, Rayna Tours has also created a strong presence on the web through the launch of Technoheaven Consultancy. Due to its clever team and innovative online marketing techniques, Technoheaven Consultancy is greatly instrumental for the efficient working of its two key web portals: and, plus its plenty of apps and dedicated discount and promotion programs, while bringing in the traffic and revenue that the company expects. They further ensure uninterrupted customer service by functioning on round the clock basis.

Rayna Tours and Awards

Right from the start, Manoj has alwaysfocused on customer satisfaction.It is, therefore, not a marvel that Rayna Tours is an award-winning service provider.

From the recent Traveler’s Choice (from TripAdvisor) that it won during one of the most difficult times in 2020 and 2021 to the Arabian Travel Awards 2018 (for Best Destination Management Company and Best B2B Portal), these awards are the testament of the incredible customer support and unbiased reviews that company has always received.

It is also the recipient of Best Partner Award for Dubai Parks and Resorts, along with other prestigious accolades including Best Performer Award from Yas Island, Global Village and Dubai Dolphinarium to name a few.

Final Thoughts

Rayna Tours and Travel is now a part of Rayna Group – a diversified business group where its every venture (in construction, transport etc) has replicated the success at every level.

Not to mention, the success story of Manoj Tulsani sets an incredible example for all young talents who aspire to make their venture big from a humble start. So, as we wrap this read up, we hope that you are driven and inspired to breathe life in life to your exciting business ideas or concept and further build your own unique success story by sailing through all unexpected roadblocks on your way ahead.


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