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History of Kanheri Caves

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Located in the island of Salsette, North Mumbai, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, the Kanheri Caves are known for having the maximum number of cave excavations on a single hill, and is highly credited as an archeological site. It is in close proximity with the waterway of the Arabian Sea and is most popular for the fact that the whole of the structure was created on nature’s own accord as a result of evolutions in the volcanic rocks over decades.

It is believed the caves were excavated in a very ancient time, approximately in the 3rd century BC, and many travelers who made voyages through the sea ports from Europe and Portugal had mentioned about these caves in their travelogues.

There are many inscriptions in the caves from a variety of donors, and the excavations in the caves are categorized into various kinds, like, the chaityagrahas, this is the place where the Buddhist community worships, next is the virahas, a monastery, this is the residence for the Buddhist monks. Third is the podhis, these are basically tanks used to store rain water during the hot days of summer season, and lastly it’s the seats and benches made by rock-cutting.

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