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About Bhangra Dance – Dances of India

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Bhangra Dance

Bhangra is a combination of several types of music and folk dance of Punjab which is a heritage of India. This form of dance gets performed to celebrate the harvest at the time of Vaisakhi festival. The dance performance is simply vivacious and the tone used is lively and energetic.

Both female and male dancers participate in this dance form and the occasion gets celebrated with a lot of fervour and grandeur. It is a traditional dance but gets performed in free style.


During the 14th and 15th centuries, Punjabi farmers started this dance form during the harvest season. Gradually, this dance acquired a lot of importance and became a part of special celebrations like weddings, etc.

During the time of origin of this dance, it was prominent in the areas of Sialkot, Gujranwala, Sheikhpur, and Gurdaspur of Punjab. Today, however, it is the ‘Shaan of Punjab’ in North India and also in several other parts of the globe.

Steps Of The Dance:

This lovely dance form is about speed, symmetry, grace, balance, and fun all mixed together. Bhangra comprises of several sub genres of dance like Jhumar, Dhamal, Giddha, Daankara, Saami, Julli and Kikli. The main instruments used in the dance are Dafli, Sarangi, Dholak, Damaru and Chimpta.

The vivacious rhythms and beats and vibrant colours of Bhangra compel anyone to dance on these moves. One of the most popular moves of this dance is similar to the Shiv-Tandav dance which gets performed on a single leg.

It has become so much popular that now you have commercial dance troupes of Bhangra in Canada, US, UK and many other places.

Dressing Style

The dresses worn by the performers are quite colourful and vivid. Men get dressed in pag, turla, kurta, lungi, jugi and rammal.

The costumes are all made using silk and shimmery material. Women wear salwaar kameez, dupatta, tikka, jhumka, baazu-band and paranda. These colourful dresses enhance the vibrancy of Bhangra even more.

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