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Vilasini Natyam (Art Dance Of Andhra Pradesh, South India)

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About Vilasini Natyam Dance

Vilasini Natyam is an Indian traditional move shape, beginning in Andhra Pradesh and is likewise predominant in neighboring Tamil Nadu.

In spite of the fact that it is a moving shape that was going to be wiped out of the substance of the earth, it is being resuscitated now and is gradually returning to being a perceived and very much refreshing artistic expression.

Basically a lady’s move, Vilasini Natyam was a sanctuary move performed by Devadasis for the delight and pacification of the main god of the sanctuary.

Later the moving frame got illustrious help and was likewise performed in imperial courts to engage the King and his visitors.


Among the traditional moves of South India, there are some exclusive men perform and some are performed by ladies alone.

Vilasini Natyam is a lady’s just move and authentic references to ladies just or Sthree Sampradayam moves can be found in chronicled and scholarly sources going back to tenth century AD.

These references can be considered as evidence of the way that ladies had a vital aesthetic part to play in the social and religious life as artists and artists in sanctuaries or Devadasis, artists of imperial courts or court artists and Kalavatis or specialists giving open stimulation. Since ladies were known as Vilasini, Swamini and Bhogini, (privately called Saani and Bogam) and their gatherings alluded as Chinna Melam or Nattuva Melam. By and large, these craftsmen were known as Kalavantulu or specialists.

This move frame started to decrease after the Devadasi Act was passed and ladies artists and artists committed to sanctuaries were prohibited and Saanis and Bhogams were shunned from common society.

The restoration of this established move shape was made conceivable by Swapnasundari, a prestigious artist of global distinction who required colossal exertion in research and gaining from a few last conventional artists that remained.


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