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Yakshagana (Karnataka) Dance

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About Yakshagana Dance

Yakshagana is a dramatic type of displaying Mythological and verifiable stories. A Yakshagana execution incorporates music, move, and exchanges. The word Yakshgana implies the melodies of the Demi-Gods (yaksha ‘meaning Demi-God, and “Gana” which means tune).

The entertainers wear fascinating and bright outfits and expand headgears. The stage plan and remarkable rendering are like that of the Western Opera.

It is accepted to have started in the water-front regions of Karnataka. The genuine portrayal of the ballads authorized in these plays is ascribed to have begun amid the Vaishnav Bhakti development in the eleventh century.

In the thirteenth century, a Sage named Narahari Thirtha began Dashavathara’s execution in Udupi, which later formed into the Yakshagana of today.

Yakshagana Performance

The Play: The enthusiastic execution brimming with move and dramatization has lovely melodies sung by the central performer known as the’ Bhagavata’ who controls the account.

The play starts with a prelude called the “Sabhalakshana’ trailed by the “Prasanga” The discoursed were generally offhand and were rendered by the performers with the stream of the tune.

Music: The execution likewise incorporates mood melodies played by a gathering of performers known as “Himmela”. The ambient sounds comprise a blend of drums, channels, and organs.

The parasangs or stories are generally in view of the Hindu sagas, for example, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and the Puranas. Yakshaganas are likewise performed on huge occasions of the lives of verifiable legends.

To help up the account diversion is presented in the execution by the jokes of the jokester called the” Hasyagar”.

Characters: In Yakshagana the men depict both male and female characters. The detailed headgears are enlivened diversely for Kings and for the devils.

The cosmetics of the evil presences is done to draw out their devilish character. The full outfit of a Yakshagana comprises of at least 15 individuals, which incorporate the performers, the on-screen characters, and the storyteller.

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