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Rajyotsava Day of Karnataka (1st of November)

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About Rajyotsava Day

Every year on the 1st of November, Karnataka observes its Rajyotsava Day, as the state was formed exactly on this date in the year 1973. the 1st of November is a Wednesday, which will be observed as a state holiday, and all offices, schools, and colleges will be closed on this day.

It was in the year 1950 that India became a complete republic, leading to the formation of several states based on different languages spoken in different places.

Therefore, this resulted in the birth of the state of Mysore, which included several other places in south India, which were previously ruled by the kings.

After this in the year 1956, another merger happened, wherein all places that had Kannada as the dominantly spoken language merged together to become one state and it was named after Mysore—an already popular princely state. However,

Mysore as a name of the state was not appreciated or accepted by the majority of the population residing in the North Karnataka region as well as the present-day Hyderabad region, hence they demanded a change in the name of the state in unison.

Thus, after a long debate and discussion, finally in the year 1973, the all Kannada speaking state was renamed as Karnataka on the 1st of November, which as on today since the years that followed, is observed as Karnataka Rajyotsava Day—which means the observance of the ‘’State Festival Day.’’

One man who is remembered for his immense contribution in making the name change of the state happen in 1973 is the then chief minister of the state of Karnataka: Late Devaraj Urs.

The celebration of this day takes place with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, as streets and various places in the cities of Karnataka are beautifully decorated.

The state government of Karnataka gives away Rajyotsava Awards to people who have had a vital role to play in the development of Karnataka.

People choose to wear traditional clothes of the state on this day, and also have colorful procession of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari—a Hindu deity highly worshipped by the people of Karnataka.


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