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Puliyattam – Indian Folk Dance

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About Puliyattam Dance

Puliyattam (implies Tiger Dance) is an old people craftsmanship move of Tamil country. A profoundly rich and social celebration, this move shape, for the most part, includes a troupe of 6 entertainers aping the developments of the grand, savage tigers.

Their bodies are painted by the careful endeavors of nearby craftsmen in lively yellow and dark to take a correct copy of a tiger.

The sketches incorporate the fierce-looking teeth and persuading headgear loaded with ears paws with paws and a long tail that summons an exact photo of the savage monster’s agile developments.

The loud thunders of drums pounding fiercely alongside a few neighborhood instruments duplicate the growls of the superb predators and finish the photo.

Now and then to join a touch of reality, a defenseless goat is tied and the artists put on a show to seize upon the powerless animal and in this manner murder it.

Aside from the tiger, the artists are regularly decorated in the lovely spots of a panther or the creepy dim shades of a dark Jaguar.

The craftsmanship these days are once in a while performed in Tamil Nadu yet is still performed in Kerala and Karnataka. In Kerala, it is called Pulikali.

This is likewise drilled in the neighboring conditions of Kerala and Karnataka. With the type of Tigers itself getting to be plainly uncommon in India, this move remains a grave indication of the presence of our national creature.

Each time we see the execution of a Puliyaattam in one of our towns, we should promise to do whatever we can to spare the nearing wiped out tigers.

Tamil Nadu has dependably been a state rich in culture and legacy. Puliyaatam was one of the numerous society moves that shape a piece of this transcendent culture.

This has been polished for quite a while and goes back to a couple of hundreds of years prior.

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