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Sambalpuri Dance from Odisha

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About Sambalpuri Dance

Sambalpuri dance is a group dance performed by both men and women. This is a dance form that is from the Sambalpur region of Odisha.

In this dance form, people form a chain by holding each other’s shoulders or waist?

Females form a separate chain while males form a separate chain and they have a lot of foot movement and dance in the chorus.

They usually wear sambalpuri saris which are handmade and have a distinct look and they perform the dance on almost every occasion.

Sometimes people perform this dance in outings and picnics with their friends and family and enjoy the moment of happiness and joy.

True colour of Sambalpur in Sambalpuri dance

Sambalpuri dance is not much popular among other cultures but it is popular among the state and is a classical form of dance where coordination is needed.

You can see that people also put feathers and other jewellery with intricate details which are only limited to their culture.

Their look and attire make this dance form much distinguished. People like to perform this dance on occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Nuakhai and many more and celebrate their joy and festival.

They also like to perform this dance whenever they are happy and it is not limited only to festivals.

A connection of the people with the dance

This dance form helps people to be friendly with each other since they dance by forming chains. This means that they are much friendlier and have a lot of brotherhood among their community which is a positive aspect of this dance form.

This dance form also excites people of other communities which means that other people also love to dance in this way and they also dance with the Sambalpuri people and enjoy this dance form and their culture, attire, and footsteps.

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