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About Bhortal Dance – Dances of India

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Bhortal Dance

Assam is a land of culture and dance plays quite a vital role in its cultural aspect. Bhortal Nritya is one such popular dance form of the state of Assam. It is mainly organised at the time of Bihu festival around the place called Barpeta in Assam.

It is a colourful dance form which can be enjoyed by people of all age group. Bhortal Nritya counts among the zealous dance performances of North East India.

Origin Of The Dance Form:

This traditional folk dance of Assam is said to have been derived from Sankari culture. A renowned artist of Satriya named Narahari Burha Bhakat developed this enjoyable dance form of the Barpeta district in Assam.

The origin of this dance performance is from the classical arts of the place. It is a highly energetic and expressive nritya which brings out the precious cultural heritage of the state.


The Bhortal dance of Barpeta is mainly performed in groups. Around six to seven dancers are needed to organize this performance. Sometimes there are also large groups performing on this art. The beat of the dance is quite fast and is known as the ‘hiya Nom’.

The dancers make use of cymbals when they perform the Bhortal Nritya. The use of this distinct prop in the dance presentation makes it more colourful and vibrant. The lovely and colourful patterns that you can see in the performance make it more creative and unique.

In spite of the beats being quite fast, the dancers give their finest and neat performances. This dance performance often gets staged during the Bihu season in Guwahati and Barpeta.

The dancers get dressed in traditional attire comprising of white dhoti, red bordered cream shawl, and a white topi on their head. They also make use of dhol and other instruments while dancing.

It is a real treat to witness such dance performances in the beautiful state of culture and tradition.

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