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Yuva Sadhikarika Nirudyoga Bhruthi Scheme Benefits, Features

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Yuva Sadhikarika Nirudyoga Bhruthi Overview

The govt of state. AP has introduced the Yuva Sadhikarika Nirudyoga Bhruthi Unemployment Allowance Scheme of Andhra Pradesh. Each unemployed youth will then receive an allowance of Rs 1500 per month before applicants receive a job.

Andhra Pradesh govt, later. To help about 10 lakhs trained and job-less applicants, this system will be launched.

All candidates in the 18-35 age group may apply for this scheme. Just one unemployed candidate in a family who has passed the senior secondary (12th) test applies to this system.

Also, the Andhra Pradesh Govt. This financial support will be given so that the applicants can pursue skills growth. This system would certainly result in insufficient jobs for unemployed young people.

This program’s primary aim is to provide the state’s qualifying unemployed candidates with financial assistance in the form of monthly pensions—Govt., for the efficient implementation of this method. Agencies can gather age-wise data on jobless applicants.

Features of the AP Yuva Sadhikarika Nirudyoga Bhruthi Scheme:

The highlights and main features of the AP Yuva Sadhikarika Nirudyoga Bhruthi scheme are below: —

  • State Govt. As per the draught submitted to the Legislative Assembly on 29 November 2017. Rs 1500 will be issued as a monthly pension/stipend.
  • Candidates will have to register for a work exchange or online registration (exactly not known).
  • Subsequently, the payments can only be earned by the unemployed applicants before they get a job. Also, it is appropriate for one unemployed applicant from a household.
  • Also, GOVT. It will also provide skills training, internships, and career training to provide students with work opportunities.
  • Accordingly, about 10 lakh unemployed state candidates will benefit from this method.
  • The state govt, for this reason. A database will be created to store the candidates’ age-wise data.
  • Then, in many community welfares, works and other development works in different rural areas, candidates will be allowed to provide voluntary service.
  • Also, AP-govt. Candidates will be granted time to complete the Job Exchange formalities and will be enrolled under this system.

Procedure for Yuva Sadhikarika Nirudyoga Bhruthi Scheme Application

The govt of state. For this scheme, the exact enrolment procedure is not published. However, candidates will have to make online registrations as per the previous scheme or register via the exchange of jobs. After completing the registration process, applicants can show evidence of unemployment to benefit from the benefits.

Criteria for Qualifying

Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements to benefit from the benefits of this scheme: –

  1. Residence- Only the citizens of Andhra Pradesh may apply for this scheme.
  2. Minimum Educational Qualification-This unemployment allowance can be sought for all applicants who have passed the Senior Secondary (12th class) from a recognized Board.
  3. Permissible Age Limit-Only applicants between 18 and 35 years of age may apply for this scheme

For the gain of unemployed candidates, this Yuva Sadhi karika Nirudyoga Bhruthi Scheme has been launched. Also, the state govt. It also focuses on developing job opportunities in the state for unemployed applicants.

There is a huge issue of unemployment in the country due to overpopulation and a smaller number of jobs. Andhra Pradesh as a state has a bunch of unemployed individuals, who are even qualified but due to lack of jobs, these people end up staying unemployed.

Hence, the government has taken out the scheme of YuvaSdhikarikaNirudyogaBhruthi Scheme, the scheme which helps in giving financial assistance to the youth and the government helps the youth to get appropriate jobs throughout.

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