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WB Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme Benefits, Features, Eligibility

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WB Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme Overview

The concept of the state government of West Bengal is the Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme. The key aim of the program is to provide financial aid to the state’s unemployed young people.

With support, young people can start a business venture and figure out how to live better. For this, the state government has approved a specific number, and the higher authorities are doing their best to make the launch of the scheme a good one.

In the following section of the scheme, some other specific information relating to the entitled scheme is given.

West Bengal Karma Sathi Prakalpa’s main characteristics

The primary objective of launching the West Bengal Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme is to provide financial assistance to unemployed young people. With the loan, they can explore various self-employment opportunities and launch new projects to earn their living.

Scheme beneficiaries: West Bengal’s unemployed young people are the target beneficiaries of the scheme.

Several beneficiaries: Under the initiative, the state government will provide 1 lakh rupees as loan money to help young people start and successfully run business enterprises.

Sum to be given to the unemployed: Rupees 2 lakhs will be given to the unemployed youth. However, the state government has approved a total of 500 crores of rupees for the successful implementation.

The program’s overall number of beneficiaries in the next three years would cover almost three lakhs of youth.

The loan is provided through cooperative banks. The loan money will be provided through cooperative banks to the beneficiaries, and there are almost 1 lakh annual beneficiaries.

Karma Sathi Prakalpa Criterion of Eligibility

Legal people of the state: The state’s legal residents will participate in the framework when the scheme is introduced in West Bengal. No unemployed young people from other states are allowed to take advantage of the benefits of the scheme.

The state government has set income limit: Specific income limits and the candidates must adhere to them. The applicant is entitled to obtain the scheme benefits only if the family income is below the cap.

Age limit: A specific age limit has been set for the applicant who wishes to benefit from the program.

Identity details: When applying for the scheme, applicants should have sufficient identity evidence. In support of the argument that the nominee is a resident of the state, these are important.

The advantages of the scheme for Karma Sathi Prakalpa

  • The Karma Sathi Prakalpa system is an initiative of the West Bengal government to support the state’s unemployed young people.
  • A loan of 200000 rupees will be issued annually for the successful implementation of the scheme.
  • As of now, the Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme picks 1 lakh recipients.
  • Around 500 crores of rupees have been allocated for the implementation of the scheme by the state government.

With the successful introduction of the scheme, the state’s financial situation can be expected to be strengthened by providing the scope of self-employment to the state’s unemployed youth. The sum of credit provided by the state would help people find a way to survive.

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