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UP New Ration Card List: APL, BPL & AAY Ration Card List

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UP New Ration Card | APL Ration Card | BPL Ration Card | AAY Ration Card List

The states have released the UP New Ration Card list 2020. All those who have applied for the ration card for the year 2020 can now look for their names on the list.

The UP-ration card list is broadcasted by the Department of Food and Logistics, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The list includes the name of all eligible under the National Food Security Act, and the selected aspirants can avail of the food items, including rice, wheat, and others, at a reasonable rate. Here’s all you should know about the UP-ration card scheme.

About Ration Card:

UP ration Card is an official document that is issued by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh. These cards are issued to all those eligible to buy subsidized grains through the Public Distribution System.

These are published under the National Food Security Act. The ration card issued by the UP Government is based on the total number of members in a family, and different categories of ration cards determine the rationed goods under the entitlement of a person.

UP ration cards are issued by the government under three categories: APL Ration Card, the second is BPL Ration Card, and the third one is AAY Ration.

  • APL Ration Card

The government issues this card to those families who are Above Poverty Line. The families with APL ration cards can procure up to 15 kg of food grains in a month. 

  • BPL Ration Card

The state government issues this card to those families who are Below Poverty Line and whose family income is not more than Rs.10000 per annum. The families with this card can procure the grains up to 25 Kg per month. 

  • AAY Ration Card

The state government issues this card to those families who have no source of income. The families with this ration card can get the grains up to 35 Kg per month and at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Ration Card:

Issuing ration cards to the families of the state is an initiative by the government to help the families to survive. There are many benefits of having a ration card, which includes the following.

  • One can apply for the driving license with the ration card in the state.
  • It is also used as identity proof.
  • The people residing in the state can avail of the benefit of grains supplied by the government at a discounted rate.
  • UP Ration Card can be used for getting admission in the schools.
  • The families having BPL ration cards can avail of the benefit of getting leaves in government offices, and students can also avail of the use of scholarships.

Documents required for applying for UP Ration Card

If you haven’t availed the benefit of the UP-ration card and you fall into any of the categories mentioned above, then you can apply for the ration card.

If you wish to apply, then here’s the list of documents that are required to apply for the ration card.

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN Card
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Bank Passbook
  • Caste/ Category Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Electricity Bills
  • Gas Connection

Other than the documents mentioned above, if you are applying for the ration card, your age must be more than 18 years, and you should be a resident of Uttar Pradesh State.

How to check the name in UP New Ration Card List 2020?

Suppose you have already applied for the ration card and want to check if your name has appeared on the list or not. Here’s the whole procedure. By following it, you can check the list of UP New Ration Card List 2020.

  • Firstly, one will have to visit the official site of the Department of Food and Logistics, Government of UP. – Official Website:
  • Secondly, after visiting the portal, you have to open the ” NFSA eligibility list.”
  • After opening the link, you will find the list of all the UP; then, you need to search the name of your district.
  • After that, you have to select the name of your area because there is a separate list of rural and urban areas.
  • Once the list of your area gets open, you have to look for the name of the distributor in your area and then select the category of your ration card.
  • Once you get the name of the distributor, you have to look for your name on the list, and once you get the name, it confirms that you are eligible to avail of the benefit that the government is providing to the people in the state.
  • Once you click on your ration card number, you will get the complete information.
  • After that, if you wish, you can save the details of the digitalized ration card.

Ration Price in UP Under NFSA

The price of the grains under NFSA is very nominal for the ration card holders in UP.

  • Wheat- Rs.2 per kg
  • Rice- Rs.3 per kg
  • Sugar- Rs.13.50 per kg

So, if your name has appeared in the New Ration Card 2020 list, then you can buy the grains at a very nominal price. But in case your name hasn’t appeared on the list, then you need to apply again for the Ration Card.

Documents required for the change in ration card:

In case the name is printed in your ration card or the address or the spelling is wrong, you can apply for the changes.  Just check the list of the documents that you need to apply for the change in the ration card.

  • Departmental application serial number of the form ‘B.’
  • If you want to add the name of anyone, then you need to attach the photocopy of the aadhar card.
  • Residential certificate
  • Birth or death certificate
  • Attach the government document as proof for the change to be made in the ration card.

How to check your name in the Ration card list 2020 on a mobile phone?

If you have a mobile phone, then you can quickly check your name on the list of UP New Ration Card List 2020 by just following the same procedure.

  • Open the official website through any browser on your phone. Select NFSA option
  • Select the district
  • Select the area
  • Select the number before the name of the distributor of your area.

How to complain in case of any problem?

  • If you want to apply for a complaint, click on the link
  • Apply on the register for complaint.
  • Then type the complaint and submit it.

Procedure to check the complaint status:

In case one wants to check the status of your complaint, you can check the status by just visiting the website.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the UP government.
  • After that, click on the check the status of the complaint.
  • Then just enter the complaint number.

After entering the complaint number, you will get to know the status of the complaint.

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