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Tulsi Gabbard Biography

What do we know about Tulsi Gabbard? Who is she?

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About Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard has been a part of the U.S. House of Representatives for eight years as she has been the representative of Hawaii’s second congressional district since the year 2012. She had a fantastic tenure as a part of the Hawaii National Army Guard and has been in different parts of the world, such as:

A: In the year 2004-2005, she was deployed to Iraq

B: In the year 2008-2009, she was deployed to Kuwait

One can say that Tulsi Gabbard has been one of the first very females who has combated the veterans and also the first-ever Hindu who was elected to Congress.

From the year 2013 to 2016, Tulsi Gabbard was the vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee. However, after serving as the vice-chair for three years, she left the company as she had some friction with the committee members.

Moreover, she had a strong desire to endorse Senator Bernie Sander’s a bog for 2016 president.

Tulsi Gabbard is very popularly known for stance against the entire U.S. military and their process of interventionism.

She has been a champion of the veteran’s rights. In February 2019, she went on to announce her candidacy for the Democratic Presidential 2020 nominations. However, she dropped out of the race in March 2020.

Tulsi Gabbard: Education and Early Life

Tulsi Gabbard was born on 12th April 1981. She was born in American Samoa, which belongs to the main island of Tutuila. Her father’s name is Mike, and her mother is Carol.

When Tulsi was two years old, her family planned to move to Hawaii. Tulsi hails from a back multi-racial background as she is a mix of the following ancestry:

A: Asian

B: European

C: Polynesian

Tulsi has the second youngest and has four siblings. Tulsi’s father, Mike, is a Democratic state politician, and Tulsi is hugely inspired by him. In the initial days, Tulsi was very against the rights given to gays.

However, with time she changed her views right after the experience she got in the military. Now she is seen heavily advocating for the entire LGBT community.

In her initial days as a child, Tulsi did not attend an official school and pursued home-schooling. In 2007 she went to Hawaii Pacific University, and in 2009 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hand.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Political Career and Military Services

Inspired by the military, in the year 2012, she enlisted herself in the Hawaii Army National Guard. During the same time, she also served in the legislature of Hawaii state.

She was the youngest member of the Hawaii state legislature as she was 21 when she joined it. After two years of her service, she was deployed to Iraq in the year 2004. In Iraq. Tulsi worked in the ‘Combat Zone’ in one of the medial units as a specialist.

After she completed her first tour in Iraq, she went on to work for a Daniel Akaka, who was a Hawaii democrat Senator. She worked here as military aid.

She went through an army training as she studied and graduated in 2007 from Alabama Military Academy’s Accelerated Officer Candidate School.

Right after she graduated, in 2008, she went on to volunteer for her oversees deployment for the second time, and this time, she went to Kuwait. In Kuwait, she was given the responsibility to train the soldiers of the Kuwait National Guard.

After three years, in 2011, she was given the position of a chair as well as vice-chair at the Honolulu City Council. Her primary role was to check the overall economic development and the different budget committees amongst the various other areas.

In that very year, Tulsi was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as she was made to represent her state’s district of Congress. Since 2011, Tulsi has been re-elected for a total of three times.

For three years starting from 2013 and ending in 2016, she was made to serve as a vice-chair of the DNC (Democratic National Committee).

Unfortunately, within a short span, Tulsi was not happy with her role as there were conflicts between her and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was the chairwoman at that time. The reason for matches was because Tulsi Gabbard felt that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was favouring Hilary Clinton, who was the 2016 U.S. presidential candidate.

It was in February 2016 when Tulsi resigned from her vice-chair position at Democratic National Committee. She started endorsing Senator Sanders for her nomination for Democratic president.

Just last year, in 2019, Tulsi stated that she would not be seeking a fifth term in Congress. Instead, she wanted to focus on her 2020 presidential campaign.

Her campaign went on only till March 2020, after which she announced that she was removing her name for the nomination and giving all her support to Joe Biden.

2020 Presidential Policies and Platforms

Tulsi Gabbard is primarily known for being a strong woman who is anti-interventionist. She expressed concerns about how the United States needs to pull out of Afghanistan and Syria.

She also went on to emphasize the fact that the United States needs to stop its involvement in the forever and continuous wars with these countries.

In October 2019, Tulsi, in a tweet, wrote that “Foreign policy can’t be separated from the domestic policy because the waging of regime change wars, the new cold war, and the nuclear arms race is costing American lives and wasting trillions of $ that should be invested in domestic needs like health, education, infrastructure, etc.”

Tulsi has time again been a part of many controversies. In 2017 Tulsi met Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria. She said that “He was not the enemy of the United States.”

However, Tulsi did take a firm stance against Bashar al-Assad and said she accepts that he is a brutal dictator.

Here are the following justices and causes Tulsi worked for:

Criminal Justice

Gabbard raised concerned for decriminalizing marijuana. She also wanted massive incarceration & went on to co-sponsor many legislatures to combat and tackle these issues.

She did put in many efforts to tackle the problem of criminal justice. According to her, the country needs to systematically approach the problem of racism in which African American men are misbehaved and put into prisons.

Health Care

Gabbard, along with Sanders, who was the fellow presidential candidate, was involved in the plan of ‘Medicare for All.’ She wanted to provide universal healthcare to everybody and also wanted the drug costs to lower down.

Climatic Changes

Gabbard was very prominent in supporting the Green New Deal. In the year 2015, a bill was introduced by her, which stated to end the subsidies of fossil fuels and ban fracking.

She dreamt of the United States obtaining a total of 100% of its electricity from the clean energy sources by the start of 2035.

On a recent update on Tulsi- In 2020, she went on to file a defamation lawsuit against Clinton. She claimed for $50 million as a damaged cover as she accused Clinton of recklessly and carelessly damaged her campaign for president.

On the personal front- Tulsi Gabbard married Eduardo Tamayo in 2002, and the two separated after four years in 2006. Five years back in 2015, she married Abraham Williams, who was a cinematographer. The two married in a Vedic ceremony.

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