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UP Jansunwai Portal, App: The Online Complaint & Check Application Status

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What is the UP Jansunwai Portal, App?

The UP Government is creating the Jansunwai app or website to enable a coordinated grievance redress process in the Northern State. To fulfil the priorities of good governance, the state government released this app.

This new online framework aims to build a channel to help the UP government, led by CM Yogi Ji. It always wants a transparent interaction between people and the government, departments, and government offices.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has opened an online platform for individuals who are stuck in UP and intend to return to their states despite the country’s latest coronavirus lockdown.

The individuals who are stuck in other states can register themselves. People should remember, however, that registration should not be treated as permission to fly.

The stranded individuals have to visit “There are two choices on the home page:” Traveling from Uttar Pradesh to the Other States “and” Coming from the Other States to Uttar Pradesh.

The stranded residents need to click on one of the choices, depending on the need. People need to fill out and apply the registration form on the website that follows. It is expected that the government will reach out via phone or email.

Eligible can apply through the online application and download the official notice and closely read the eligibility requirements and the application process.

This thread, will include brief information such as Article Benefit, Eligibility Requirements, Main Article Characteristics, Application Status, Application Process, and more about “UP Jansunwai Portal, App 2020.”

Complaint Status for Jansuwai Portal

  1. First, to see the case registered in Jansunwai, visit the UP Jansunawai Official Website.
  2. See the Track Complaint Status alternative on this Homer page and click on it.
  3. Provide your mail ID and mobile number after this, then you’ll need to insert the protection pin and press the send button.
  4. You can quickly verify the status of the complaint made after this.

How to download the Mobile Jansunwai APP?

  • Visit the Google Play Shop on your phone to download the Jansunwai Smartphone App.
  • A public Google Play scan is required.
  • The smartphone application will appear after the scan.
  • Then press the button for installation
  • Your Jansunwai Mobile App will be downloaded after that.
  • Then open the app, and you can take all the Jansunwai portal’s functionality into the app itself.

How are Jansunwai Stranded Migrant Workers registered?

Jansunwai Stranded Registration Facility of Migrant Workers Initiated by the Government of Uttar Pradesh:

  1. An individual will have to go to Uttar Pradesh Jansunwai Portal for their registration and click on one of the migrant workers’ links given for their registration on the home page.
  2. If they choose to move outside of Uttar Pradesh or whether they want to return to the state would be based on their decision. After that, they will be asked for their mobile number or email ID to obtain an OTP.
  3. The person will have to fill in information such as name, age, gender, mobile phone, a form of ID card, ID number, whether to fly with relatives, mode of travel, any symptoms of COVID-19 or not, current address, and the address where the person wants to enter, after verifying their OTP.
  4. The applicants would also have to accept that they will be kept under quarantine for a maximum of two weeks after they arrive at their destination.
  5. The government has also warned that citizens should fill out only the correct details. Otherwise, prosecution under the Disaster Management Act will be against them.

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