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How to redeem RBL Bank credit card reward points to cash

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RBL Bank Credit Card Reward Points

Some people have taken to shopping like never before with the growth in disposable income. Shopping has become the favourite shopping therapy, with the availability of everything at the click of a button.

Simple credit options are offered by finance firms, including credit card options. The credit card now works under the idea of buying and paying later.

Also, most banks offer incentive points that can be redeemed to reduce the cash outflow for future transactions for any transaction.

Program of RBL Bank Rewards

To support credit card holders, the all-new RBL Bank rewards program has been launched. The reward points are extended for credit card use in tropical getaways to luxury holidays, to shopping at different stores. The reward program provides several redemption ways.

It is possible to gain loyalty points by merely swiping credit cards at different outlets. Something as easy as gas station fuel filling by using a credit card will add loyalty points.

The new loyalty program registers every credit card applicant. From the first swipe of the credit card, the rewards program begins.

The credit card program allows instant points to be credited, redeemed for gifts or coupons of your choosing. You can redeem RBL Bank credit card reward points from various avenues on offer.

There are several arrays of reward avenues that provide RBL bank credit card reward points. With the list of locations where the credit card can help gain reward points, a cardholder will be presented with the RBL Bank credit card reward points catalogue.

Each credit card offers various credit card rewards from RBL Bank, which are listed in the catalog.

Features of RBL bank credit cards

Below are the RBL Bank credit card reward points that can be won on all credit cards.

  • For every Rs. 100 spent in India (applicable on all cards), two reward points
  • For every Rs. 100 spent internationally (applicable on selected credit cards), four reward points
  • On India’s first digital redemption platform, RBL Bank credit card rewards can be exchanged digitally. You can redeem the RBL bank reward points for.
  • Air tickets & stays at a hotel.
  • New devices and items for shopping
  • Mobile recharging
  • Retail coupon browsing
  • Curated, customized gifts

There are some main features unique to the RBL Bank credit card reward point scheme, as listed below.

  • Enhanced protection with an EMV chip-based on PIN.
  • Online credit card purchases
  • Flexi cap that allows the primary differential cap to be assigned and added to the credit card.
  • Active notifications that provide updates on credit card transactions.
  • Global recognition by over 23 million globally existing merchants
  • Online access to card records, purchases, balance transfer or demand draught generation, etc.
  • 24 hours a day global cash access
  • Zero responsibility for fraud after telling customer service 24X7 about the loss of cards

Redemption of RBL Bank Credit Card Reward Points

RBL bank credit card reward points’ redemption can be achieved by filling out the redemption form for RBL bank credit card reward points.

The RBL bank credit card reward points online redemption facility offered the digital redemption option, which is the first of its kind on the Indian credit card portal.

As indicated below, the procedure for online redemption is:

  • Log-in with your username and password at
  • Click the appropriate link depending on the category from which the cardholder wishes to redeem the gift. Mobile recharging, gift vouchers, travel, shopping, etc. may be the categories listed.
  • Click on RBL Bank Credit Card Reward Points after selecting the relevant category and choose the points that the cardholder wants to redeem.
  • To the registered mobile phone, an OTP (one-time-password) will be sent. The cardholder has to reach the OTP to complete the transaction.

RBL Bank credit card loyalty points features:

To ensure that consumers can execute cashless transactions, the RBL Bank credit card loyalty program has been implemented. It often extends enticing promotions to ensure that the credit card is used cautiously from time to time.

On a year-on-year basis, the timely payment of bills and high integrity preservation allow the cardholder to use incentives. Besides this, some features allow RBL Bank’s credit card to rank above other credit cards.

Extensive catalog of RBL Bank credit card reward points:

  • RBL Bank credit card reward points are not equal to RBL Bank debit card reward points, but clients prefer to apply for all cards to gain a holistic experience.
  • You can use the RBL Bank Credit Card Reward Points redemption form available on the website.
  • The gift list of RBL Bank credit card reward points is revised from time to time and contains several major retailers.
  • The gift list of RBL Bank credit card reward points varies across different credit cards.
  • Offers online redemption of RBL Bank credit card reward points-first of its kind digital redemption that is hassle-free and easy to access

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