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4 Benefits of Exporting to Europe with Amazon

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Today, it is easier than ever for any company to reach any corner of the globe. This is the best thing that the internet has offered. Businesses can sell their products even in the last mile of the European Union without having to move physically.

The increased profits are proof that business entities are seeing an immense growth in their export plans. With the virtual B2B and B2C storefronts, like Amazon, the global army of sellers is benefiting the most.

The export opportunities to Europe are many, and all can be at your advantage if you have the right guiding hand. Amazon, the largest e-commerce platform, facilitates every business with options to sell in the domestic and global markets. It has an established presence in the EU, which is the largest single economy. The members are allowed free trade, and it is open for all those who want to invest in the country.

Studies have also shown that the growth of the European economy will depend more on foreign markets. This is the best time for sellers from India to enter the market and start building a presence. To do this, there can be nothing better than Amazon. The profits, not confined to monetary terms, are uncountable.

When contemplating expanding their business, most individuals target the USA and UK. But export opportunities in Europe have a distinct advantage. Some categories or products which have a slightly higher competition in other countries are ripe for introduction in Europe. With Amazon, you can even test the viability of the product in small quantities without incurring losses.

Exporting is always a good idea. And the following points indicate why choosing Amazon is even better.

  1. Recurring sales without marketing

When we hear about the reach of Amazon, we can imagine the number of people who buy from the platform. It opens you up to innumerable export opportunities to Europe.

People who are already Amazon sellers witness so many sales even without spending much on an advertisement. This is because Amazon has a built-in customer base like no other platform.

The website also has an immensely robust customer service portal that offers immediate services with guaranteed solutions. This makes the customer come back to the forum, and Amazon then targets and re-targets the customer. This increases the sales potential and hence your profits.

  1. Amazon packs and ships for you

The fulfillment by Amazon program assists sellers who do not have enough space to store inventory or the right personnel to manage it. Under this program, sellers do not have to struggle to keep, check, or control the stock.

Amazon does it for the seller. Also, when the order is received, the fulfillment centers pack and ship your order to the customer’s doorstep. It is a great time and money-saver which brings in more returns than any other way of selling.

  1. Robust backend infrastructure

Your export business runs smoothly with Amazon. Its efficient inventory tracking system, card processing, receipt of payments, transfer of income to seller’s account, supply chain management, sales tax collection, customer service, handling complaints, returns, and replacements, etc. are all done by Amazon, and you only have to make sure that you have details with you. With such a systematic framework, you can rest assured and count on the platform.

  1. Bonus value for sellers

The offers that Amazon brings for the customers can be visible. It also offers a long list of benefits for domestic and international exporters. Amazon treats its sellers’ customers as its own and shows them all the top-notch services. No customer can feel that the website or services or offers are any less. It increases your value as a seller and increases your chance to grab multiple export opportunities to Europe.

Amazon Europe Marketplaces allow you to switch your seller account between seller tools in Central Europe. It makes listing and management in different areas easy. With this, you can offer your buyers all the products under a single seller name.

Not only this, you can do so much like managing inventory (if not on FBA), sharing information of product listing, keeping track of orders, sourcing marketplaces with efficient logistics, paying a monthly pro subscription fee, updating data, etc.

The continuously changing export and import rules are governing the movement of goods and services across borders. You have to keep up with the changes, whether the supply chain or the product manufacturing, to stay in the competition.

And having a knowledge of the trade requirements results in benefits for you and enhances your chance to find export opportunities to Europe.

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