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UP Anti Bhu Mafia Portal Benefits, Features

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UP Anti Bhu Mafia Portal Overview

The state government’s strictness concerning the property mafia is now apparent. Even after taking the initiative, the Government took a further measure after the number of complaints has not decreased.

The Government will create an anti-land Mafia portal for this reason. Anti-Bhu Mafia Platform was established to carry grievances on public and private property to regular people regarding illicit land ownership and Mafia.

Any applicant ready to apply online can download the official notification and carefully read both eligibility requirements and the application process.

Our details will be brief, such as article advantages, eligibility requirements, main features of this Article, application status, the application process, etc., about ‘UP Anti Bhu Mafia portal 2020.’

In Uttar Pradesh, thousands of hectares of land have come under the bhu Mafia or land mafia. Although the police are coping with these incidents, such cases are still unreported.

In 2017, Minister-in-chief Yogi Adityanath of UP launched a website to allow any person, gang, and company to report land collection instances.

Given the many instances of government property being used for illegitimate private development, this became important. The Uttar Pradesh bhunaksha platform provides some support to prospective plot buyers.

The online registration process for Uttar Pradesh Anti-Geo Mafia Portal Says

Complaints from Lucknow will also be sent directly to the affected Tehsildar Block Deutschlands Officer and the Police Station, along with the complaint on the portal. The officials involved are expected to upload and upload the action against land mafias to the portal.

The authorities would not only be expected to track grievances in this respect. The final process of planning is in progress. District officers train this series. Officers have been trained on the Vikas Bhavan portal. Now it is possible to call Helpline 1076, chief minister, and lodge a report of irregular employees, who would ensure that action is taken at the tehsil level.

UP Anti Bhu Mafias Platform 2020: PDF Download online application form – Government and governmental bodies have submitted reports about illicit Government and private property ownership by the Land Mafia. They can be easily countered by naming these disappearances to create a sense of public protection.

The citizen carried out a continuous inspection of the grievances, information on complaints, collecting input and advice, and prosecutions surrounding such complaints by senior officers in cases of illicit land and public land ownership by the Mafia on public and private properties. This anti-terrestrial Mafia portal is built to do so.

Online applications will be posted on the portal by claimants. An anti-land mafia task force was established to eliminate illegal professions at every level of tehsil, district, Mandal, and state. Also, the procedure for renaming the land issue can now be demanded.

It is very important to control the property management systems and make sure that it is fair and legal. There should be no malpractices running at all, Hence, this was scheme was very much as the need of the hour. There have been measures to try and curb the problem in the best way possible.


  • Any citizen can complain online via this portal.
  • The applicant is therefore entitled to access updates on the status of his case in this portal.
  • The Chief Minister, Helpline 1076, is set up for this reason. That may be filed with grievances.
  • At the helpline center, 500 personnel were mobilized to listen to complaints.
  • By way of which reports, the concerned tehsil officers and the police station are filed and moved for further action.

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