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Tuladandasana – A Great Asana for Cardiovascular Workout

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About Tuladandasana

Yoga has been invented in ancient India. It helps in attaining a healthy mind with a healthy body. Tuladandasana is one form amongst many asanas.

What is Tuladandasana?

Tulandasana is an asana that focuses on the balance of the body. This asana is also known as Eka pada Sana or ‘black stick pose’ and is an advanced form.

How to perform Tuladandasana?

For performing the yoga, Tuladandasana, you need to follow the steps to achieve the perfect posture:

  • Stand straight on a mat with your face facing in the front.
  • Your hands must reside sideways and your feet must touch each other.
  • Slowly raise your arms above your head.
  • Interlock your fingers and release your index fingers.
  • While releasing the index fingers, make sure not to release the thumb fingers as well. Your thumb fingers must be interlocked.
  • Your arms and ears must always remain in constant touch.
  • Stretch your arms and at the same time you must push your hip upward and pull up your chest.
  • Now pull your left leg backward so that it is aligned with your arms and parallel to the floor.
  • Hold this position up to 5 breaths and relax your body by doing step one.
  • Slowly increase the breadth counts.

Safety Measures that you must follow while doing the Asana:

There are certain yoga postures that are meant to be done once you are equipped with the basics of yoga. If you are a beginner you must avoid this asana at the moment. And if you are learning to practice yoga for quite some time now, you should ask your yoga teacher or instructor to guide you through this or else you can suffer from injury.

If you are a beginner then the following tips might help you: 

  • You will not get the asana right in one go. Patience and practice are the key.
  • To know whether you are doing the asana right you must ask someone to observe you or do it in front of a mirror.
  • Aim for something and look into the horizon for it, this will help you stabilize your posture.

Benefits of Tuladandasana:

  • It helps in strengthening of your core muscles.
  • The spinal cord gets strong with the continual practice of this asana.
  • It helps in reducing calories as it raises your heart beat level.
  • It helps people who are suffering from varicose veins.
  • It also relieves stress.


Tuladandasana helps in keeping your body healthy by reducing your health issues. But the asana must be practiced after consulting with your trainer.

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