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Ardha Chandrasana Steps and Benefits

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About Ardha Chandrasana

The moon has a rich representative centrality in yoga folklore. In hatha yoga, for instance, the sun and the moon speak to the two polar energies of the human body.

Actually, the word Hatha itself is regularly separated into its two constituent syllables, “ha” and “tha”, which are then exclusively deciphered as meaning the sun-based and lunar energies individually.

(are-dah chan-DRAHS-Anna), Ardha = half, Chandra = sparkling, sparkling, having the brilliance or tone of light (said of the divine beings); typically deciphered as “the moon”.

How to perform Ardhachandrasana?

  • Begin with the Trikonasana to your right side. Place your left hand on the left hip. At that point, as you breathe in, twist your correct knee, and move a similar foot around 12 crawls forward. While you do this, advance your correct hand and place it past the toes of your correct foot.
  • Breathe out, and move your correct hand to the floor. Press it down. At that point, rectify the correct leg. As you do that, lift the left leg off the floor. Ensure it’s parallel to the floor. Discover you adjust, and keep the left leg solid. Simply ensure you don’t bolt the correct knee. The knee top must be straight and not adjusted inwards.
  • Curve your upper middle towards your left, and move your left hip marginally forward. Place your left hand on your left side hip. Place your head in an impartial position as you look forward.
  • Place your body weight on the leg that you are remaining on. Your lower hand must be squeezed to the floor with the end goal that it encourages you to look after adjusting. Ensure you immovably drive the scapulas and sacrum against the back of your middle.
  • Hold the stance for a couple of moments. Discharge and rehash on the opposite side.

Advantages of performing Ardhachandrasana

These are some stunning advantages of the Ardhachandrasana:-

  • Honing this asana makes the thighs, lower legs, rear end, stomach area, and spine more grounded.
  • This asana additionally gives the hamstrings, calves, chest, shoulders, spine, and crotch a decent extent.
  • This asana likewise encourages you to adjust and center and gives you a feeling of better coordination.
  • It goes about as an anxiety reliever.
  • It is said t enhance processing also.
  • It additionally assuages menstrual scatters and agony in the legs.
  • The stance moves bring down back issues.


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