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Akarna Dhanurasana Steps and Benefits

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About Akarna Dhanurasana

When you stay in Akarna Dhanurasana, you should pull the toes (on the other hand) up to the ears likened to a Bowman pulling the string of a bow as he gets ready to shoot the bolt.

In Sanskrit “Akarshana” intends to draw and “Dhanus” refers to the bow.

Akarna Dhanurasana actually implies ear bow posture, since Karna implies ear in Sanskrit, while the prefix “A” methods close and Dhanur implies bow.

Be that as it may, since the body of the professional takes after a bow and bolt or a Bowman intends to discharge a bolt from a bow, this asana is normally known shooting bow act.

The principle motivation behind the asana is to pull the foot close to the ear to take after a toxophilite.

Stepwise lessons of doing Akarna Dhanurasana

  1. Sit immovably on the floor and place your legs together discharging them straight out before you. While doing diminishes ensure that your back, shoulders, and head is straight.
  2. When you are serenely situated in this position, put your palms on your thighs and take in profoundly.
  3. As you breathe out gradually slide your correct hand down to the enormous toe of your correct foot and force the foot towards your face.
  4. In the meantime enable the left hand to achieve the enormous toe of the left foot and hold it there.
  5. Breathe in profoundly and let your correct foot achieve the correct ear.
  6. Remain in this stance for quite a while.
  7. As you breathe out to get to your typical position of sitting easily.
  8. Rehash this stance with the other leg.
  9. This stance ought to be rehashed no less than twice for the two legs keeping in mind the end goal to get a most extreme advantage.

Effects & benefits of Akarna Dhanurasana

The anatomical concentrate in Akarna Dhanurasana is on the thighs, crotches, stomach, chest, shoulders, neck, and spine.

Henceforth, this asana reinforces the legs, develops center muscles and enhances focus and beauty.

Akarna Dhanurasana enhances the absorption process, treats acid reflux issues and clears the obstruction.

It mends torment in bringing down stomach area territories and in the digestive organs.

This asana regularizes the menstrual cycle for the greater part of ladies.

You’re breathing limit turns out to be enormously improved when you perform Akarna Dhanurasana since it grows the lungs and builds their oxygen holding limit.

In any case, it is a significant confounding move and you ought to play out this exclusive under the supervision of your yoga ace until the point that you can play out this easily.

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