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Improve your Vertebral Column with the Help of Parvat Trikonasana

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About Parvat Trikonasana

Yoga is an ancient form of art which has developed in India. It has many forms and amongst them, one of the form or asana is Parvat Trikonasana.

Parvat Trikonasana is a type of asana that revolves around forming a triangular posture.  It has come from the Sanskrit word “trikona” which means triangle and “asana” means posture.

How to properly do the asana: 

The following steps will make it easier to do the asana.

  • Stand straight with your feet touching and your hands resting beside your thigh.
  • Stretch both your legs to a shoulder level gap. Keep your left feet at an angle of 45 degrees and your right feet straight.
  • Your knees should be straight.
  • Spread out your arms and your palms should face the ground. Your arms should be in parallel with the ground. Stretch them as far as you are comfortable.
  • Bend down so that you left palm can touch the ground beside the left feet.
  • While your right palm should be straight upwards.
  • This should create a stretch in your waist near the left side.
  • You may look upwards at the right palm.
  • This should be repeated on the other side as well.
  • Hold up to 5 breaths.
  • Start to increase the holding count once you are comfortable.

Benefits of doing Parvat Trikonasana:

  • It helps to stretch your body.
  • It increases the flexibility of your hips, buttocks, and spine.
  • It helps in improved breathing by opening your chest and is ideal for people suffering from asthma
  • It also helps in the digestion as it activates the abdominal organs to make it function better.


You must always keep the following points handy before performing the asana.

  • If you already have heavy back pain, then you should consult an instructor before performing this asana.
  • Do not do this asana if you are suffering from insomnia or low blood pressure.
  • While bending down to reach the ground, make sure that you do not lift your feet. Pin it to the ground.
  • It is beneficial for people who are suffering from sciatica.

Important Tip:

There is a human tendency to overdo the easier sections and undergo the difficult one. But one has to remember that while doing this asana, you must space out the pressures to different parts of the body accordingly. You should not twist your neck more than it is necessary and do not absolutely work around your upper back or hip. This will create health issues in the long run.


Yoga aims not only at your physical abilities but also your spiritual peace. It helps to enhance your body’s fitness level as well as make you more disciplined to achieve your goal.



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